The Galileo Project

The Galileo Project

Since 1947 highly reliable witnesses, including airline pilots, military personnel, astronauts, everyday professionals and children have been witnessing unexplained objects in the world’s skies….Now, Robert Spire is about to be thrust into the rapidly evolving UFO phenomenon, in this fast-paced mystery thriller.

1947 – Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Legend and conspiracy combine, when; following a hot, stormy, July night in the desert, where the first atomic bomb was tested, the wreckage of a strange object is discovered. Local people who handled the debris described it as being…not from this world.

Present Day – London, U.K.

Ex-environmental lawyer and GLENCOM agent, Robert Spire, receives an unusual and enticing invite, from renowned U.S. physicist, Professor Robert Lazarus, who is putting on a presentation at the Royal London Observatory and Planetarium. The invite suggests that Lazarus will be revealing a paradigm-shifting technology, hidden from the world for decades. Before Lazarus can reveal his secrets however, he is assassinated in front of Spire and the rest of the 100-strong specially chosen audience.

A Dark Truth; A Hidden Agenda.

Spire races to assist Lazarus, but the assassin has done too good a job. Amongst the mess, Spire finds the device that Lazarus was about to link up to the planetarium’s projector, on the floor. He grabs the gadget and races out to try find the professor’s killer, but quickly realises other powerful forces are at work.

GLENCOM call an emergency meeting to discuss the event, and invite renowned UFO Historian Dr Richard Doman to give a briefing on the UFO phenomenon, however developments take a mysterious turn. GLENCOM’s tech team manage to override the security settings on Lazarus’ personal device, but when the team try to access it, the device emits a hologram….a message for Spire.

The message from beyond the grave is crystal clear. The UFO phenomenon is real, but the reason for the cover-up is a crime against all of humanity…Continue my quest…Reveal the truth…Don’t get killed.

Spire and ex-U.S. Marine, Travis Dexter, must embark on their most dangerous and important mission yet – as they try to unravel the truth that is the UFO Phenomenon – along with Spire’s recently met acquaintance, Russian astrobiologist, Dr Isobel Enova. $2.99 on Kindle.
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