Hart & Sol

Hart & Sol
A totally inappropriate sci-fi comedy from the twisted minds of Russell Emmerson and Matt J Pike.

It could be worse for Captain Sarah Hart as she leads a dysfunctional crew of mercs on a dead-end mission to escort the Milky Pleasure fantasy cruiser out of the solar system. Until, that is, an alien species unleashes hell on every human settlement from the earth to Saturn’s moons. Yep, that’s definitely worse.

The race is now on to get that cruise ship full of fleshy fantasy seekers out of the solar system before our species becomes a footnote in someone else’s history.

But facing an unknown enemy with vastly superior technology, superior officers stuck together with red tape, a ship full of ignorant, high and confused patrons and a battle crew carrying more baggage than the passengers, well, perhaps she could just get a drink instead.

Either way, it’s going to be a wild ride.
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