About Us

At ScienceFictionReads, we wear our “nerd” label like a badge of honor. We’re fanatics about sci-fi, including the broad library of subgenres contained in this ever-expanding realm of speculative fiction. Our interests range from the lighthearted tales of time travelers to the dark, gritty imaginings of dystopian futures to the oddly charming sci-fi fantasy novels. Like we said: we’re proud of our nerd status, and we wanted to make sure we accurately represented the wide variety of science fiction available to readers today.

According to our data, we can safely conclude that this site has content suitable for all types of sci-fi enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy apocalyptic fiction, space travel, alien creatures, futuristic technologies, or a thrilling combination of these subgenres, you’re sure to find good company here. As you search for your next sci-fi adventure, may the Force be with you.



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