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A tale of four romances subverted by a central mystery which will keep you guessing until the last page. Across the tapestry of time, four love stories unfold, only to be inexorably twisted by a truth more extraordinary than anyone could imagine. Protagonists are plagued by strange dreams and progressively confronted with incidents they cannot explain. Links between their stories emerge, forcing increasingly extraordinary interpretations. And before long, they will each question the very nature... [Read More...]

The Bottom Floor: Jonathan’s Journey would never be believed

Jonathan was 21 when he gave the eulogy at his great grandmother’s funeral. It was a tough and emotional experience for him and yet what would happen to him next nobody would ever believe no matter how much he tried to talk about it. Watch as Jonathan goes back in time from 2024 to 1947 and begins a journey of time travel that he could have never expected or predicted. The journey that can only be said to be impossible unless you do it yourself. This fictional story can be compared to no ... [Read More...]

The Last Humans (Mutagen Deception Book 1)

In humanity’s last city, you’re either consumed by a monster, or you become one. Sheltered in their fortress city, the last humans live in constant peril, assailed from without by alien invaders and from within by a deadly disease intent on mutating every citizen. After her best friends grisly death at the segmented claws of the alien revenants, Ward Chief Iazmaena Delgassi vows to restore safety to her city by running for a magistrate position on the city council. For if the aliens... [Read More...]

Roobala Take Me Home

Beautiful, witty, and surprising Eric D, (former) editor at Scribners. Satirical space odyssey blurs boundaries between mystery, romance, sex, and adventure. During a seemingly routine tuba repossession, Jesse Enoobs life as a WACOFF Corporation Repo man takes a comical turn, sending him searching for love and chasing Roobalas the galactic currency crucial for survival. Vivid and exciting, full of weird humor- Ingomar R, Fulbright Scholar $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Infinet Directives

A year after helping the AI called the Infinet save the world from a deadly computer virus, Oreste Pax has returned to connecting his Univiz mixed-reality glasses to a brain-computer interface. When Lila Kendricks, one of the alpha testers, discovers she can manipulate real-world objects using only her mind, everything seems like it’s back on track. But then the Infinet is reprogrammed with the Three Laws of Robotics in reverse and the world is thrown into chaos. As the full power of the ... [Read More...]

American Starfleet Interdiction

2243, and the interstellar war isn’t going well. The demonic uberrans have stealth spaceships that can destroy American spaceships without being seen. America’s allies desperately need resources far from Earth for the war to continue. That means convoys need to fly from Earth to the distant stars, but Starfleet Interdiction needs to protect those essential spaceships to help win the war. Check out this space opera by genre writer Dalton Lewis. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Sperm King

By the year 2050, the not-too-distant future, humanity is the most endangered species on Earth! Clay Roberts lives in a world tragically reduced by debilitating infertility and disasters caused by climate change, but Clay agonizes over whether his precious, potent sperm should help save the most threatened species on earth, or if he should hasten humanity’s demise because he holds it responsible for the criminal destruction of our planet. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Lewis is a rookie astronaut for SpaceFirst, a company headed for the stars. They race against rival corporation Deep Sky to be the first in history to send a person from Earth to another star system and bring them home safely. Along with four teammates and his new AI, Lewis prepares for humanity’s first push into the galaxy. But then it all goes wrong. Lewis is the first human to travel to another star system. Unless he can find a way home, it might end up being a one-way trip. $0.99 on K... [Read More...]

The Zoo – Alien Invasion Starter Pack: Six Book Ones For Six Series

Fountain of Youth, or Valley of Death? The future of mankind is growing in the Sahara Desert. The government needs the best of the best military and scientific minds working out how to pull the secrets from the ZOO while keeping the deadly fauna and flora in check. Join intrepid adventurers in book 1s of six series as they take on the ZOO! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Transmitter’s Secret

When John Morgan has a mind-boggling encounter with a UFO, he discovers that an insidious extraterrestrial force is manipulating the unsuspecting residents of Ashbury – except for him. Can he destroy the source of the brainwashing and put an end to the alien agenda before it enslaves not only Ashbury but the entire world? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Darkness All Around Us

Its 2085 in a post-disaster America where a nefarious pharmaceutical company controls all aspects of life. A scientist on the run is ripped from her safe haven and has no choice but to surrender to the trust of a man who might as well wear a “danger” sign. But when she discovers she holds the key to the country’s salvation, she must decide how far she’s willing to go to destroy the company before it unleashes a nightmare army of feral creatures even if it means teaming u... [Read More...]

Accidental Conscript

Sam Levine knows what it means to struggle. He’s been forced to turn his talents to freelance work, picking up whatever dirty job he can find only to make ends meet. But theres an end in sight. An opportunity to change everything. And when a dangerous, high profile job comes his way, he sees light at the end of the tunnel $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Not Alone: The Ultimate Collection

The secret is out: Aliens exist, the government knows, and Dan McCarthy just found the proof… Grab all TEN books in the globally acclaimed NOT ALONE saga for one incredible price, in this great value 5,000-page sci-fi box set! ***85 MILLION pages read, 15,000+ 5-star ratings on Amazon and Audible*** ________________________ When Dan McCarthy stumbles upon a folder containing evidence of the conspiracy to end all conspiracies — a top-level alien cover-up — he leaks the files wi... [Read More...]

Dissonance Volume II: Reckoning

Bestselling author Aaron Ryan continues the epic journey begun in Volume I in an increasingly tense post-apocalyptic landscape, set amidst a gritty, attainable future Earth in this alien invasion thriller series. Sergeant Cameron “Jet” Shipley lost everyone to the gorgons and has lost faith in the integrity of his own Command. But Cameron’s loss didn’t stop there. In a world rife with apocalyptic danger, it has become painfully apparent that humanity is still, even in th... [Read More...]


Young theoretical physicist Mickey Haiku has been tricked by Eden, a much smarter scientist who is intent on saving her own dimension by destroying his. Unbeknownst to either, beings from several yet higher dimensions have their own strategies, sending the mixed-up pawns off on a wild odyssey through a dozen weird twisted dimensions. As if this hyperdimensional odyssey isn’t challenging enough for Mickey, he has the additional difficulty of embarking on this whacko tour as a (pregnant!) f... [Read More...]

This is not an Apocalypse

Is the world ending? You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking so. Monsters and magic have begun sweeping over the modern world. For many this means death and destruction, living in fear of the nightmarish creatures now haunting the wilderness. For others it means adventure and glory, joining the Hunters Guild and becoming a famous monster slayer, dungeon delving and exploring magical anomalies. For others still it means wealth and opportunity, harvesting the new rare and valuable resources th... [Read More...]

Free: The Infinet

Oreste Pax, inventor of the mixed-reality glasses called the Univiz, is attempting to connect them to a brain-computer interface with hopes of revolutionizing human cognition. But when he encounters the most powerful AI ever created and learns what it wants from him, he has to make a choice that will affect the future of humanity. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Hart & Sol

A totally inappropriate sci-fi comedy from the twisted minds of Russell Emmerson and Matt J Pike. It could be worse for Captain Sarah Hart as she leads a dysfunctional crew of mercs on a dead-end mission to escort the Milky Pleasure fantasy cruiser out of the solar system. Until, that is, an alien species unleashes hell on every human settlement from the earth to Saturn’s moons. Yep, that’s definitely worse. The race is now on to get that cruise ship full of fleshy fantasy seekers o... [Read More...]

The Iron Fists

All Harley wants is to keep her sister safe and make enough money to move out from under the thumb of their sadistic landlady. It’s been two years since she escaped the influence of the local gangs, and the last thing she needs now is to attract their attention again. But when a newcomer arrives in her small town on the edge of the wastelands, bringing dark secrets with him, Harley finds herself inexorably drawn back into the web of the Iron Fists. With the balance of power shifting in t... [Read More...]

Sydney Effect

In the shadowed heart of Sydney, a city teetering on the brink of dystopian despair, “Sydney Effect” unfoldsan electrifying narrative where destiny and desperation collide. This riveting tale introduces readers to Maali and Noah, survivors with tumultuous pasts, caught on opposing sides of the law in a near-future Sydney ensnared by corruption and overrun with crime. Their paths converge on a perilous mission that reveals D.TEM, a mysterious substance of unfathomable power, thrustin... [Read More...]

Free: Isolating Contact

A fast-paced merger of low sci-fi with thriller told through multi-POV. Full of mystery, romance, action, character-based humor, and pop culture references. 18+. A near-future setting with high stakes following mankind’s first contact moment gone horribly wrong. Things are never as they seem, and a ragtag group of characters find themselves facing impossible decisions if they want to save Earth. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Keeper of the Algorithm

Once a misfit dropout, Mike now controls the fate of man versus machine As technology’s grip tightens, a haunting question emerges: Does anyone hold the reins of the omnipotent Algorithm? Assuming another students ID in a crowded exam room, Mike’s journey takes an unexpected turn when a stern figure declares, “I am Jacob Winters. Welcome to the AI career placement test. Today, we will discover which of you represents the pinnacle of human genius.” Delve into Keeper of th... [Read More...]


A prison ship, transporting criminals through the galaxy to an uninhabited world, crash lands. The wardens try to keep control, but full of mutiny, anger and a desire for revenge, the inmates wreak havoc, and the result is catastrophic. Then the human ship arrives… Astronaut Jenny finds herself stranded when her malfunctioning spaceship abandons her alone on a planet she was sent to explore. She has no way of getting home. She has no communication, shelter or food. No weapons. Then she re... [Read More...]

Prompt Excursion

An injured officer awakes on a heavily damaged military spaceship. Her memory is impaired. No one answers her calls. The ship is out of control. They are dying, adrift, the chance of rescue shrinking by the second. Clinging to the few positive thoughts she can remember, she fights to survive, to restore order, to bring the ship to safety. But should she? Step aboard the Prompt Excursion and find out what’s at stake in this slow-burning, high-tension Sci-Fi story thats packed with mystery,... [Read More...]

The Orphan Chronicles: Genesis

In a secret research facility 200 feet below the oceans surface, an extraordinary experiment is taking place Ananya Patel is one of twelve orphans who have been raised at The Institutea secret, underwater research facility funded and operated by billionaire philanthropist Gregory Cornelius. While at The Institute, Ananya and the other orphans have been given regular doses of a formula that exponentially enhances a persons natural skills and abilities. Corneliuss vision is for the ability-enhanc... [Read More...]

The Gift

Kris Chambers was a nobody. Now, he’s host to a trillion nanomachines from a distant time and place – augmenting his speed, strength, and survivability – and may be the closest thing this world has to a superhero… $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Children of Alpheios

2023 Firebird Award Winner for Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, & Dystopian A genetically engineered colony on a new world. A baby born different than everyone else. A mother who will do anything to save him. On planet Eamine, twenty-one-year-old Alina must protect her baby when Mandin is born with a remarkable DNA anomaly. The colony’s central corporation wants Mandin for an experimental treatment program. Trained by the Expeditionary Academy, Alina knows how to survive Eamine&#... [Read More...]

The Last Lumenian

The Last Lumenian is a coming of age story of a 19-year-old sassy princess, Lilla, who is rebel-in-disguise, fighting for the refugee’s freedom. The arrival of the mysterious and ruggedly-handsome Callum brings news of a bigger battle the Era War between the two ruling archgods that threatens not only Lilla’s home world but everyone else’s in the Seven Galaxies. Lilla must learn to control her magic and defeat the dark god before He finds her the last Lumenian. $0.99 on Kindle... [Read More...]

The Wall

Award-winning Dystopia with crossover appeal for both YA and Adults. “. . . the best book in the dystopian genre since The Hunger Games.” -Micah Giordonela for Chick Lit Caf He could live forever. But is he willing to pay the price? It’s 2099, and the former United States of America is in the midst of another civil war. In the wake of a revolutionary technology that grants people a second chance at life, an impenetrable wall divides the prosperous nation of Zion from the slums... [Read More...]

The Wish

Haunted by her choices, mute Elizabeth wishes for a second chance. Transported to 2017, she faces challenges: a lurking stalker, a lost voice, and a recurring coma for her boyfriend. Partnering with Christopher, they unravel secrets in “The Wish,” a magical journey exploring the power to turn regret into the best decision. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Slumville Bastard

The world no longer bleeds. Set deep within the future of an anarchial America, the country has collapsed as man embraces a sudden and infinite reign of immortality. Waking one day to discover death no longer exists, humanity slowly descends into a pit of depravity and darkness upon realizing mankind is no longer afflicted by death. Crime rises. Nations disintegrate. Societies collapses. And people turn the long and wicked knife upon one another as the meaning behind their lives slowly evaporat... [Read More...]

Post-Apocalyptic Joe in a Cinematic Wasteland – Episode 2

In a world on the brink of destruction, Post-Apocalyptic Joe in a Cinematic Wasteland, Episode 2 takes readers on an edge-of-your-seat adventure. Joe faces the desolate aftermath of a global cataclysm head-on, and embarks on a perilous journey of self-discovery and purpose. Along the way, he discovers the true power of friendship and how to survive no matter how tough things get. With suspenseful twists and turns, Joe’s journey will leave you on the edge of your seat. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]