This is not an Apocalypse

This is not an Apocalypse

Is the world ending? You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking so.

Monsters and magic have begun sweeping over the modern world. For many this means death and destruction, living in fear of the nightmarish creatures now haunting the wilderness.

For others it means adventure and glory, joining the Hunters Guild and becoming a famous monster slayer, dungeon delving and exploring magical anomalies.

For others still it means wealth and opportunity, harvesting the new rare and valuable resources the slain monsters and changing world provides before selling them on for a profit.

For those willing to take the risk, magic can be wielded and cultivated, used to perform incredible feats or terrible deeds in pursuit of fame, power and ideals.

Unfortunately for our main character Jack, embracing newfound power and going out to valiantly battle monsters and mutated animals isn’t quite as simple as most other people have it. He possesses the rare and not so sought after magical lightning element, considered the weakest element for certain reasons, he is pitied and looked down upon. But Jack is determined to become a successful monster hunter in an ever more dangerous world.

An urban/low fantasy story with cultivation, world building, progression elements and eventual dungeon delving . Book 1.

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