Sliding Reality: Builders Legacy Book 2

Sliding Reality: Builders Legacy Book 2

The scale of Eve Online meets the game-like Ender’s Game, mixed with the universe and reality of the Expanse, spiced with the multi-role OLD Battlefield (and fully destructible environments).

Sphere World heralded a greater change than the balance of power between the guilds and free player clans.

As Luke struggles with his new reality, his changing future. Brad and Stuart must struggle with the new authority and power they wield. They’re not just dealing with corporations and hostile takeovers, the Factions of humanity each want a piece of Sphere World and they’ll do whatever they have to, to do so.

Sally, cares nothing for their problems, only caring about her sole mission. Destroy the Adraxi where they are found. The first scout has been spotted, and she knows that means one thing. Their fleets are coming.

Build the warships, load the dropships and power up the tanks. The net is going to war. $8.99 on Kindle.
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