The Hoshiyan Chronicles

The Hoshiyan Chronicles are a faith-based thriller/Sci-Fi/fantasy series. The series was written without profanity or explicit sex. The series is based on a society where their land is ruled by faith, righteousness and justice. The thriller/Sci-Fi/fantasy part of the series is the vehicle for the spiritual development of the characters.

Everyone of the characters are fictional. A team of Israeli archaeologiest, led by Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg and his wife discover the cover page of the Chronicles. The post it on the internet. Vatican security pick it up and find its has 5 red flags, meaning it is dangerous to the Church. Thus starts the long secret war between the Vatican and the archeologist to stop them from revealing the Chronicles. Pope Alexander VI wrote, “The Chronicles are the greatest threat to the existence of the Church. They and anything related to its writter, Aharon Dori must be eradicated from the face of the earth.

The Chronicles take you from the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition to character assassination and finally to murder.
Besides being a thriller, the series is filled with tender love stories that warm the heart. Are the Hoshiyan Chronicles the history of an unknown people or the delusional writings of a madman?

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