The Glass Darkly – Diesel Punk Series


The world is under attack but almost nobody has noticed.

It is 1936 and people everywhere are looking forward to the Olympic Games which are due to be held in Berlin later in the summer, while behind the scenes in the corridors of power strange reports are being received of wild animals attacking villages and towns high up in Himalayas. But the animals in question are described as strange savage things that bare more of a resemblance to the creatures from myth and legend than they do to anything which walks the earth today.

These are not the only reports that have reached the governments of the world, there are others, always from the high and remote places on the planet. Outlandish tales of holes in the sky and creatures that can crawl through the air before disappearing without a trace, invisible attackers, murderous creatures that do terrible things to human bodies and livestock alike.

But while politicians and bureaucrats are still scornful of these wild reports, assuming some other natural cause must be to blame, one man has been taking them seriously, has seen a pattern and sent out his own scientists and researchers to confirm what has been happening, a flawed eccentric with the drive, determination and wealth to make a difference.

Working in secret, he has repurposed his manufacturing plants to create a fleet of fifty high-altitude airships. Research vessels and warships that employ strange new technologies the like of which the world has never seen before, and then without warning they are flown through heavens at great altitude before silently descending during the night, to appear suddenly over the capitals of the world for all to gaze upon and wonder.

On the same day at the same hour that the ships arrive, fifty identical film recordings are delivered to the governments of the world offering these strange new crafts as tools to help slow the progress of the invisible invasion, a stopgap solution at best that will buy enough time for the world to discover what is really happening, each ship crewed and used as each nation sees fit. $0.99 to 3.99 on Kindle.

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