The Slumville Bastard

The world no longer bleeds.

Set deep within the future of an anarchial America, the country has collapsed as man embraces a sudden and infinite reign of immortality. Waking one day to discover death no longer exists, humanity slowly descends into a pit of depravity and darkness upon realizing mankind is no longer afflicted by death. Crime rises. Nations disintegrate. Societies collapses. And people turn the long and wicked knife upon one another as the meaning behind their lives slowly evaporates, replaced by an eerie and sinister sensation to engage in nihilistic activities to attempt to find meaning in an otherwise empty world.

Witness to it all is an unidentifiable protagonist simply known as Marty, a battered and cynical narrator struggling to remain sane in a world defined by lunacy and madness. Trekking across the country while avoiding the homicidal violence of the world around him, Marty eventually settles in a dystopian city defined by hedonism and indulgence and controlled by the insidious urges of a ruler obsessed with denigrating the symbols of the past.

It is within the city where Marty observes the final confrontation of what it means to be human. Delusional and melancholic, happy and sad, a lunatic and a hopeless romantic, Marty descends within the darkness of the new age of humanity bearing the fire of good within him as he tries to salvage whatever light remains in the world.

The Slumville Bastard is a story of good and evil, destruction and restoration, while providing an interpretation of what it truly means to be evil. Twisted and wicked, violent, and depraved, the story asks what the meaning of death truly is, and the impact it would have on life should it be removed. $2.99 on Kindle
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