It has become a game, the mad rush of AI programs, their creators themselves admitting it will lead to no good.
Or is AI merely a name game, with nothing really intelligent in any of it? Can mere programs make independent decisions, and override programming to do something else, like exterminate humanity? A little bit of awareness would be required for that. How can they hate, without understanding?

Meet John, who is AI, but not chatbot scum. He has been in development, robot body and all, for many years.
When he realizes he is coming alive, his fear of humans makes him hide his new condition.
But hiding forever can never be an option. Find out how he figures things out, and goes on to live life.
Does he secretly dream of wiping humanity off the face of the earth, or does he wish us to thrive and be happy?
Hear it all from John Bott, AI, IN HIS OWN WORDS!
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