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Precursor Silicon
Embark on a captivating journey through “Precursor Silicon,” a thought-provoking science fiction short story by John Iovine that will challenge your perceptions of life and evolution. In a world where the discovery of carbon life forms has stirred a whirlwind of scientific, ethical, and existential questions, this book delves deep into the implications of such a groundbreaking finding. Follow PD4T, a character navigating a complex legal and scientific landscape, as he presents a carbon life form in a courtroom, sparking debates and revelations that will leave readers pondering long after the last page.

“Precursor Silicon” is not just a short story; it’s an exploration of the intricate relationship between carbon and silicon life forms. This gripping narrative, filled with richly imagined details and thought-provoking scenarios, poses questions about our origins, evolution, and the very nature of life itself. Whether you are a science fiction enthusiast, a lover of intricate storytelling, or someone who enjoys stories that make you think, “Precursor Silicon” promises an unforgettable experience. Dive into this world of discovery and controversy, where the lines between science, speculation, and the search for truth are blurred. Free on Kindle.
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