Free: The Time Pedaler

The Time Pedaler
High School is Tough, but Time Travel is a Trip!

Meet Chant Baker, just an average high school kid who makes an extraordinary discovery, a Time Machine!

A new town, a new school, and new friends, some of which lived 400 years ago!

Join Chant as he travels back in time to meet the famous and the forgotten. There is homework to research, and mysteries to solve! Not to mention his endless imagination.

Can he keep his discovery a secret? Could you? Where would you go first?

History meets tie-dye and tennis shoes in the exciting, science fiction, fantasy, The Time Pedaler. Bring your imagination and see if Chant lands in the destination you would choose along the way!

If you love Lee Strauss’s The Clockwise Series, or Rysa Walker’s Chrono’s Files you’re going to love The Time Pedaler series!

This is just the beginning of this series and Chant’s incredible adventures! Free on Kindle.
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