The Thirteenth

The Thirteenth
IN A DIVIDED ENGLAND OF THE NEAR FUTURE… Three Kingdoms, Wessex, Mercia and the London State, compete with their conflicting ideals to lead the world towards a better tomorrow.
The Thirteenth, a reclusive young man from South London,  begins his newest quest.
Wessex promotes radical policies of forgiveness and kindness, together with a new form of education.
Mercia wishes to bring into its cause the oldest souls and restore the dying Earth to a time before Atlantis.
The London State believes that the control of its population through Artificial Intelligence will bring peace, justice and prosperity for all.
On his journey through Wessex and Mercia, The Thirteenth, encounters friends he has forgotten yet has known for many lifetimes.
The Thirteenth struggles to accept his destiny yet cannot escape endeavouring to inspire his greatest friend and overcome his greatest enemy – himself!
In a Chester Castle of the future, the thirteen members of King Arthur’s Ancient Round Table, including Emperor Chan, meet for one last time.

Try this inspiring story of a reclusive young man he journeys through a future dystopian divided England. $0.99 on Kindle.
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