Inspired by the 1981 concept album, Time by ELO, 2095 is an exhilarating time travel odyssey forty years in the making.

After receiving a mysterious message from beyond, Nick Devereaux is abruptly transported 114 years into the dazzling future of 2095. There he encounters an incredible society living on an enormous orbiting city circling the Earth, which itself has been ravaged by decades of plagues. When the source of the message is revealed, he has no choice but to assimilate with the new world in outer space and is soon thrust into a scintillating quest that takes him to the moon colonies and beyond.

However, he knows it is not his true reality when he discovers secrets from his future that no man should discover. He must unravel the mystery of his time-travel and find a way back to 1981, back to his true love, Kristy, or have his fate sealed as a 21st-century man…$0.99 on Kindle.

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