Of Men and Dragons: Jack’s Landing

Of Men and Dragons: Jack's LandingJack was having a very bad day. He’d been scouting the edges of the known galaxy when he’d crashed onto a planet at the beginning of its iron age. What was worse, the locals are seven-foot-tall carnivores who are faster, stronger, and every bit as clever as himself. The only saving grace was that they seemed too afraid to get close to his ship for some reason. Hopefully, that would hold true long enough for him to repair his ship and get home…

S’haar was having a very bad day. First, she’d gotten herself kicked out of the guard, then the hunters, and finally, she’d rejected the village lord’s son. Now it was early winter, and she’d been tied to a stake to appease the new dragon that made a fiery appearance in the skies last night. If she managed to avoid being eaten alive or freezing to death, someone was going to pay… $5.95 on Kindle.
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