Bill Remis was supposed to die the second he turned 40 years old. Just like everyone has for millennia. Then the whole world changed.

Three weeks ahead of his expiration date, Bill is your typical senior citizen. His hair has flecks of gray. His family is long gone. And his usefulness to society has waned. He spends most of his remaining days on Earth watching television and enjoying snacks, waiting for his time to come.

However, Bill’s predictable life is thrown into chaos when random people across the globe start living beyond 40 years. And nobody knows why.

But now Bill wonders if he might be the next “40-something.”

The possibility of a postponed death consumes Bill, who turns increasingly paranoid as the government begins keeping close tabs on everyone nearing day 14,600. Bill decides to take matters into his own hands and go off the grid, where he can meet his fate on his own terms.

Will he live past 40?

And if he does, will he finally start living? $1.99 on Kindle.

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