AI, Smart Pills, and Extraterrestrials – Inside Tony Teora’s Sci-Fi Adventure Novels

If you love sci-fi with a healthy dose of humor, author Tony Teora has a compelling range of novels that are sure to delight fans of AI, aliens, and apocalyptic fiction. Teora has a degree in electrical engineering, has worked on military communication systems, and has even worked as a college computer instructor. Needless to say, he’s a real-life science whiz, and he relies on his own tech expertise to craft unforgettable sci-fi stories.

Smart Pills

Captain Markus is the leader of a time-travelling crew aboard the AeroStella, but he never could have predicted what would happen when he and his team end up on planet Earth. Dealing with New Jersey insurance fraudsters, a president with a severe case of psychosis, the mafia, and the impending doom of complete world destruction is more than the AeroStella crew can handle on their own. Teaming up with a mobster named Squeaky and a dog named Snoop, Captain Markus has to make difficult decisions to ensure the survival of the entire planet. What could possibly go wrong?

The Rise of Aeon Nous

This novel questions the application of AI in a not-so-distant future, as well as the moral implications of using machinery to define our lives. The book follows a young 12-year-old boy named Shu Franklin, who lives in the peaceful town of Julian in the year 2096. At this time, their world is considered to be a Utopia, but Shu’s uncanny brilliance leads him to investigate a series of dark secrets about the mysterious Aeon Nous, someone who had supposedly saved the world in 2047.

Shu and his small group of best friends continue to dig into the past of their Utopian society, and they uncover a dangerous truth that threatens their very existence. An extinction event could be arriving sooner than expected, one even more drastic than the one that occurred in 2047. It’s a lot to take in for a 12-year-old, even if he is a telepathic genius.

Extinction: Extraterrestrial Empire

Ace Archer is a tough, no-nonsense Brooklyn man who has the brain and the brawn necessary to make it into the Earth Command Marine team, responsible for fighting in a secret intergalactic war. Ace’s body is artificially enhanced and optimized for space travel, and he’s aware that this mission might lead to his own death, or even the death of humanity. Nevertheless, he voyages into space with an eccentric Special Forces team consisting of a Russian explosives expert, a telepathic Japanese woman, and a cyborg Army Ranger to battle frightening Grey aliens and robots in an effort to save the world. However, Ace realizes there may be a more imminent threat to mankind than aliens when a horrific virus is discovered by scientists. Who knows how the world will end?

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